Office upgrade question

I don’t slavishly update when the version I am using (v4.2, 32 bit) seems to work fine for me but I’m thinking I might catch up.
My question is: If I install the latest version in 64 bit format will my current (32 bit) Office be over written or will they be installed side by side?
I’d prefer the latter because then I can try and decide which to keep.
Thanks in advance for advice.

You didn’t mention your OS; I assume you use Windows

You cannot install two releases of LibreOffice side-by-side, be it 32- or 64-bit. A newer version’s installer will remove the older one.
You may, however, use portable LibreOffice, e.g. TDF-recommended PortableApps releases (see here), side-by-side with installed one and other portable versions. The PortableApps releases are 32-bit only.

You may also use SI-GUI to create administrative installs that are actually just extracted LibreOffice installer with bootstrap file adjusted to allow running from the extracted directory. This utility allows you to create side-by-side installations of any LibreOffice version, both 32- and 64-bit.

Thanks, I’m using Windows as you guessed. I’ll look into your suggestions, thanks for the insight.

Edit: I’ve used the SI-GUI and now have v5 on an EHD so I can compare, just what I was looking for - thanks a million, Mike.

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