Offline help can't be opened although it's installed + versions fit


I want to use the offline-help with LibreOffice Version v7.5.5.2. For that I downloaded the file “LibreOffice_7.5.5_Win_x86-64_helppack_de.msi”. The installation went fine but I keep getting the online-help when I press F1 for an in German entered formular. Furthermore I noticed that the online-help doesn’t open the help page of the specific keyword/function but just a general page where I still have to look-up the function myself.

What could cause this? Restarting LibreOffice after the installation of the offline-help didn’t help and I found no option to enable the offline-help so it looks like it should be active by default after installation.

The document I created is set to German and my LibreOffice UI is German as well. I’m using Windows 11.

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards,

Nevermind, the offline help looks completely identical to the online help and I didn’t notice that it opens a local file:// link. So the offline-help does work for me now but it just opens file:///[...]/help/de/text/scalc/main0000.html?System=WIN&DbPAR=CALC&HID=SC_HID_SC_WIN_GRIDWIN#bm_id3155335 which points me to an overview page, not to the page for the specific function. How can I change this? I would have expected that I get this page open: file:///[...]/help/de/text/scalc/01/func_sum.html?DbPAR=CALC#id431636401649762 when I type =SUMME() to call the sum function.

Nobody has an idea? Maybe this is a bug? Then I would report it in the proper bugtracker. Thanks for helping!