Offline Help Files as part of Libre Office

Is the file for offline help while using Libre Office this one? libreoffice-help-

If so, how do I open it and get it installed in the Program Library with Libre Office? Where do I put it? Will the install process do that? Using online help within a program is not helpful, nor practical, why isn’t help built in to the program. I’m using the latest version on a Win 10 Pro, 64 bit, HP desktop. And a bit frustrated, sorry for that part.

For Windows it must be a MSI File.
Download LibreOffice ″Helppack″

Thanks, but I can’t find an .msi file anywhere on the site, the site I downloaded and installed Libre Office from only has that file I mentioned. I see the instructions, I know how to do that part, get it into my downloads folder and run it, if I could just find the actual file. :^)

I found one for 7.4.5 will that work with 7.5.0 date on the file was 1/23 but it wasn’t in the LibreOffice site. Came from another place.

Go to Download LibreOffice | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft
The website detects your operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux) as displayed in the box “Choose your operating system” which you may change only if you wanted to download for another system or if the website detected something wrong. The website also detects the language of your operating system. At the time of writing I called that web page from a German Windows system. The big yellow button downloads the office suite.
In the main box there is a link to the release notes (what’s new in this version compared to 7.4).
Below that link there is a link pointing to the offline help in the set language. “Help for offline use: Deutsch”
The screenshot was made after calling the download page with a German Windows system. In order to download the English help pack, I would click “need another language”.

The downloaded office suite is LibreOffice_7.5.0_Win_x86-64.msi (for multiple western langauges)
The downloaded help files are in LibreOffice_7.5.0_Win_x86-64_helppack_de.msi
Name of product: LibreOffice
Version: 7.5.0
Operating system Windows on an Intel compatible standard PC running on 64 bit
File type: msi (Microsoft installer)
helppack_de indicates that I downloaded the help pack in German (deutsch).


Perfect! Thank you so much. I use a program recommended by Malwarebytes (I’ve a lifetime Pro license, transferable to each new desktop - got it for $25 before they stopped even offering it) Patch My Pc to keep things updated. It will update Libre Office as new versions come, will the Help files also be update automatically do you think or will that always have to be a standalone operation?

Really appreciate your counsel on this. Retired a few years ago, didn’t think I’d ever need a spreadsheet program again. Have a standalone version of Word and use Sumatra for pdf files, but turns out there are still things a suite can be useful for - used LibreOffice in another life, a very long time ago. Thanks so much for your help!

Could you ask this question to “Malwarebytes”?(whatever that is) I’m a Linux user and any new version of LibreOffice on our Windows PCs will not be installed until I tested it manually with our own documents on my private Linux box.

Sure, Malwarebytes is the best anti virus anti malware product in the market, the gold standard if you search for such things both at prevention and removal if you got something without having it. I’d asked them about another product in a customer service question and they recommended Patch My Pc as a better option, which I’ve found to be true. I’ll just check when the main program is updated to see if the help package was also and if not, do it manually. Thanks again! :^)

Discovered another problem. I got the correct file, installed it but when I open Calc and use Help, the only thing that comes up is Writer help and that is blank. All the files in the help directories for each program are .html extensions. So there still really is no offline help available. Not only that but trying to bring up any file produce an error message that says the file is locked and using the offline option doesn’t work to open them either, let alone trying to access them from within the spreadsheet I’m building.

It sounds as if your browser might be blocked by your antivirus from accessing files outside of itself. You should probably ask at Malwarebytes.

Note that the offline help opens in the default browser, hence the html files.

Check the settings of browser and your security-system. I remember a case where the default browser was not allowed to access local files. The user solved the problem with a parallel Firefox to show help-files.

Not trying to access the help files in the browser, from within the program. I get they will open in the browser, but that’s what the program does anyway and what I was trying to avoid. I can get specific Calc help from within Calc online without the offline package since that’s where it takes me anyway. This might not be for me since my needs are limited. Thanks though. :^)

The pdf guides for LibreOffice might be an option then, they are more structured than help but are easily searchable. Download from English documentation | LibreOffice Documentation - LibreOffice User Guides

Perfect. Exactly what I needed. Thank you so much! :^) gene