Offline help won't load despite reinstalling it and LO Windows

For several minor version updates in 5.x, Offline Help refuses to load with F1 or by choosing Help from LO menu. I have downloaded. installed, uninstalled and reinstalled offline Help.

My User interface and Locale settings in LO Options are both set to Default - English (USA) and the downloaded Offline Help module should be the same. I have already searched and read responses to similar questions posed in the past and they don’t provide a suitable fix for the problem I am having.

What’s even worse is that now, when I put in a search term in OFFLINE Help, it returns a slew of results listed in other languages, and it’s difficult to find the English search result. This is extremely frustrating. I have used LO for many years. Why this is suddenly happening I don’t understand.

What’s even worse is that now, when I put in a search term in OFFLINE Help,…

How? You told us offline help didn’t load.

In a different context I once got confusion concerning languages due to a corrupted user profile. Resetting it under due precautions cured everything in that case.

Under Win 64 bit with LibO 64 bit the location of the complete tree for offline help should be C:\Program Files\LibreOffice 5\help. The top folder of the tree should be C:\Program Files\LibreOffice 5\help\en-US for UI set to “English (USA)”. You may try to rename this folder and then to install anew the offline help for exactly your LibO version (including the 64 bit) and yur UI language. If the files are not placed as described above, you have an OS-based problem: The internal information about LibO location is wrong. Come back here in this case. If you have 32 bit LibO in fact, default location is different (Program Files (x86) instead of simply Program Files), and you need a different .msi help installer.