Offline help

Hi. I have two 64 bit machines running windows 10, a desktop at home- and a laptop. I run LibreOffice on both of them. Recently I updated to the latest version, 6.1.0 64 bit and installed the South African Language help pack for each install. Now the offline help was working perfectly on the version before , 6.0.4 on both machines. But when I updated to 6.1.0, both machines offline help stopped working- the webpage opening each time I asked for help. I checked all the settings in the language “Locale setting”- and all was good. Despite all I tried- could not get the offline help to work on both machines. So I went back to the previous version on both machines again, 6.0.4, and straight away the offline help worked once again. Pl,ease advise why 6.1.0 is not working, but 6.0.4 and all previous versions is (and 6.0.6)?

Did you also install the 6.1.0 offline help for chosen bitness and language?

Yes- it was the correct offline help.

The help has been redesigned and looks like a website, but is offline.
If you look in the address bar, it should start with “file”, i.e. on your computer.

Thank you- this makes sense. Will check it.

Can confirm- this is the case. Thank you for clarifying this.

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I am getting too old for this stuff. This is incredibly inconvenient. Help used to fit into a small window you could overlay on the spreadsheet (calc) and see what you were doing at the same time you were figuring it out. I cannot do this with the browser window, the contents cannot be made to disappear, and its organization is useless to me anyway. If I wanted to use the browser I would just use online help. I am ready to go back to 3.4.