OLE Linking issue

I have attached a doc with the specs of my computer and of LibreOffice. Spec Doc.odt

I have also attached links to a video showing the issue - 7MB - mp4 and odt files



Basically when I embed an object (chart) in to LibreWriter it works. Main Menu > Object > OLE Object > Create from file

But when I LINK the same object I get some strange image/icon. Double clicking the image takes me to the chart file, so the link does work but it cannot be used as it places a large ugly graphic, instead of the chart, in the LibreWriter document. Main Menu > Object > OLE Object > Create from file > link to file

Any advice appreciated

Hi Found a workaround.

Save and Quit the Document
Also Quit LibreWriter(not always necessary)
Relaunch the document
All the links now work as normal.

It seems the links are embedded but only a full shutdown and restart makes them actually work.

Good enough.