OLE-objects in Calc

Is it possible to do the same as in MS Office?

In MS there is the possibility to have a Word-file as an icon in Excel (created as an object) and inside the word you can make chains to calculations in Excel. These are automatically updated with changes made in Excel (values, fonts, proporties ect.)

If not we hope it wil be a possibility in the future because without thes feature, we can not use the product in our company.

Hi @Grookie,

Here’s my understanding of what you’d like to do:

  • Embed a Writer document “Foo” as an OLE object in a Calc document “Bar”
  • Be able to open up Foo and add/edit references to data in Bar
  • Whenever the data in Bar changes, the Bar data displayed in Foo must be automatically updated

Does that cover it?

Yes it is about correct. We would like to have a document as an icon inside calc - so when we write the document we are able to inset calculations from calc inside the document - and these are automacially updater in the future.

@Grookie - Thanks for the update! I don’t know too much about OLE objects, but hopefully we can find you someone who has this expertise.

Hello, if you still need this information, you can insert OLE objects in documents Libreoffice.

Insert-> Object → OLE Object

I recommend selecting from the list of types, the option other objects, and raising a new dialog that allows you to insert the object as an icon, which should be more common if you used her tool of monopoly.

If this is possible, it would only be so for the Windows build of LO as that is the only build offering a “display as icon” option for an OLE object. Refer the answer here. The answer here lists the related bug report to get this feature implemented on other platforms.

Thank you for your answer. We are using LO on Windows mashines only - so it is perfect for us :slight_smile: