On a Mac, how can I get LibreOffice to remember last screen size and position?

When I reopen a LO Writer document the window size is too small and centered on the screen. I would like it to remember my last setting. How do I fix this?

2020 MacBook Air M1with macOS 13.1 & LibreOffice

Have you filled-in the personal data in the Settings (Options - Libreoffice - User Data)?

Some functions only work properly when the User data is filled-in.

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I have all filled in except for company, title and fax number. I fail to see why any of this personal info has to do with saving the screen size and position.

Personal Data in LibreOffice

User Data

Because if someone else modified the file (many LO users collaborate with document editing), it would not “know” where you last saved the document.

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That makes sense, but I have filled in the personal info and Calc still does not preserve the window size and position. It opens each spreadsheet with dimensions matching one that was recently saved.

AFAIK the operating system handles screen size.

In Win 11 if you open Writer (not LibreOffice) and open three Writer windows, A,B & C then close them in that order the next time you open Writer windows the size and position will be in order of most recently closed: C,B,A

If you open LibreOffice and then open Writer, it will take its size from the LibreOffice window.