On a Mac, how to configure SAVE dialog box

LO on MacOS Catalina
When saving a document at “Save” or “Save as”, is there a way to instruct LO to display at the left side of the dialog box the same “Favorites” locations the way all other apps do?

Instead, LO displays “Places” and “Names” and I regret I am unable to figure out how to configure those two in order to get LO to take seriously where (in what folder) I want a file saved.

Thank you.


your question sounds like your LibreOffice configuration is set up to use LibreOffice native dialogs. Disable LibreOffice -> Preferences -> LibreOffice -> General -> Option: [ ] Use LibreOffice Dialogs.

Hope that helps.

“Hope that helps.”
Helps, you ask? More than helps; it solves!
New to LO (having upgraded to Catalina which precluded continuing with MS Word), I have struggled with this issue for several weeks.
I am breathing again. THANK YOU!

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