On Ubuntu, should I use TDF builds or the ones from the PPA for a new version?

Whats the difference between TDF builds and the builds in the PPAs of the Ubuntu LibreOffice packaging team at:

LibreOffice Packaging in Launchpad

and which should be used on Ubuntu?

You should prefer the PPA builds, if available. Usually, the packaging team is really quick to respond to new releases thanks to the predictable train release model of LibreOffice. If there are any issues specific to the PPA builds, please report the to the mailing list libreoffice@lists.launchpad.net (public archive).

Why are PPA releases preferable?

  • They will possibly be SRUed at some point in time. The more users run the PPAs the smoother the updates will be.
  • They are build on the Ubuntu release they should be running on. As such, they use the more modern system libraries there. The TDF builds are generated on a very ancient generic Linux system for backwards compatibility with older Linux releases, making it miss out on many features and fixes that happened in the meantime.