On windows 10 open any pdf via libreoffice draw shows encrypted file cannot be opened, urgently help!

How are you,Guys!
I would like to ask your help for solving the problem that is while I open any pdf file on windows 10 via the latest verion of libreoffice draw, it shows “This PDF file is encrypted and can’t be opened”.

platform: windows 10 64bit
libreoffice version: x86(x64 already tired but remain the same)

I really need your help.

Looking forward to any replies!!

Thank you very much in advance.

Can you upload one of those PDF files here?

Hi Zizi64, thank you for your reply.
Of course, I would like to upload one of these pdfs, especially one of them is I eastablished by libreoffice draw with a extention file name “odg” after that I printed the odg file to a Microsoft PDF through a computer vitrual PDF creater ( which you would see in libreoffice draw printer options erea).

and for the record, it is a total blank pdf file, even though it was generated by libreoffice draw itself as odg file and printed to pdf file, however, it sitll can not be opened by libreoffice draw and only shows " the pdf file is encrypted and cannt be opened" and surely, it is obselutely not encrypted…

thank you so much .
test.pdf (809 Bytes)

Opens fine here in Draw. Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: d29ee673721b12c92b3de9b9663473211414f0db
CPU threads: 12; OS: Windows 10.0 Build 19045; UI render: default; VCL: win
Locale: ru-RU (ru_RU); UI: en-US
Calc: CL threaded

it does look fine at your computer… thanks.

Same here Win10/LO
Try to read the file in safe-mode of LO. Sometimes this helps when LO shows “strange” behaviour.
Another point: Where do you save the file? I’ve heard of funny things for cloud-storage like Dropbox, gDrive etc.

It is an empty PDF file with zero mm right and bottom margins. And it opens fine in my LO 7.4.6 version, and in portable LO 7.5.1, LO 6.4.7 versions.

Is this the exact wording of the message you see? Because I tried to search for this string in LibreOffice code, and couldn’t find it there. Maybe PDFs are associated with something in your system? Can you make sure that you see this, when try to open the file from inside of LibreOffice?

Or is this the phrase shown on the page of the opened PDF, like in #962903 - Fails to open any PDF ("This PDF file is encrypted and can't be opened.") if TMPDIR is not /tmp (apparmor DENIED) - Debian Bug report logs or tdf#137303 ?

A contributor found out that the issue might have to do with special characters in the Windows account username, and I could reproduce, see tdf#160260.
Do you have a special character (e.g. accented letter) in your username, @Leosafierdu

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