One Form to fill them all (in)

I have seen similar questions, and have read replies to them. I wanna think my question is unique, so here goes.

At my work, a new hire must fill in and sign a stack of paper documents. It takes in excess of an hour to complete the stack. Each form is somewhat different, but most require the same information. So, instead of a new hire filling in the same info on each form (as they would have to on paper), I wanna create a simplified solution.

I will create digital copies of each form, and place fill-in fields in each form for pertinent data, such as Last Name, First Name, Social Security Number, Address, City, State, etc.

Then, I will create an interface that has fields for all the pertinent info, for a new hire to fill-in the pertinent data once, and each form would automatically be populated. The new hire would then simply print the stack, and sign them.

I have seen people on here suggest to do this in Writer, and I’ve seen it suggested to use Base. I’m not sure which is better, but I have created the interface in Base, and I have created one fill-in form so far. If I can just figure out how to associate the Last Name field in the interface (in Base) with the Last Name fill-in field in the one fill-in form (Writer) I created, I think the rest will fall into place.

I would be equally happy to read that I must start over, or can continue with what I have already created. All would be helpful.