One of the forms in the database I'm building stopped opening

I’m almost making things work in this form i build, but now it stops wanting to open.

There is a message saying ;

The document “xxxx” could not be opened.
SfxBaseModel::loadFromStorage: 0xf26

Since most of the things i figured out are in this form, It would be great to get some tips on this

all the other forms seem to work fine.


ps using libreoffice 6.4

It’s the ‘mutaform’ in this basefile. Note that it all doesn’t make much sense because I’m just trying to figure out how to do things before I can make a final file.



Do you have a backup of the Base file. May be only remedy. Post the Base file without personal or confidential data - just delete tables if need be. Can’t help without a sample. Edit the question & place there.

Thanks, uploaded my sandbox file!

Hi, had this happening a couple of times on Windows. As mentioned above only remedy appears to be backup or reconstruction. You can not even delete the thing unless you rename it, close and reopen the db and then delete it.


Hope in future you keep a backup copy. Embedded DB’s (especially data for HSQLDB) is prone to problems. If sticking with HSQLDB, best to go with a split DB where the data resides outside of the Base file but all resides within a portable folder. See → Create a new ‘split’ HSQL 2.x database

Hopefully this is most if not all of what you had. Internally the form is Obj82. Got to this point by swapping this content.xml into a good form. Did this on a copied Base file and manipulated the form with copy/paste until I have this for you to try:


Turns out the directory for Obj82 was damaged. Reconstructed and this is now Obj153. These are the internal names in the internal forms directory. Re-posting the sample which should be just what you had before:

Return sample ----- MutaFormFix.odb

Thank you so much. Just turned in for the night but looking forward to try this in a few hours! (will update on results)

Yes! It works again. That’s really helpfull. I will get religious about backups!