One specific table keeps on disappearing

my base is connected to my web hosting domain, mysql.
however, i noticed that there is one specific table that keeps on disappearing from the table list. but when i refresh the table, it’s there again. after a while it disappears again. all tables are created on my web domain using phpmyadmin. Is there a limit of tables base can load? and also, when i design the form, base crashes most of the time.

There is no limit for tables Base can load. We need more information: If it is always the same table what makes the difference to the other tables?

And, when reading the problems with forms, what are you trying to do before Base crashes? Does the connection to the database work well now or are there problems with autoReconnect=true?

at least 1 table disappears, it’s usually table the form is working on. but when i reload the tables, it’s back there again.
on my base:
driver class: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
datasource: mysql://[mydomaincom]:3306/[dbname]?autoReconnect=true
but i’m still kind of confused about the Java Options (Tools - Options - Advanced - Java Options), i have both mariadb and mysql connector on the Class Path.
on the phpmyadmin,
Server version: 10.2.39-MariaDB-log - MariaDB Server
database client version: libmysql 5.6.43

You are connecting with mysql connector, when you are using com.mysql.jdbc.Driver.
You are connecting with mariadb connector, when you are using org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver.

Which JDBC driver version for MySQL do you use?
Does the reconnection work well?

I haven’t tested with external MySQL/MariaDB. Have installed a webserver on the same machine so I’m connecting the same way without the reconnecting-problem.

Thanks for the reply. i think it has something to do with LO version 7, I downgraded to LO version and everything works smoothly now.