OneDrive and LibreOffice Writer 6.3

Is it still a known issue that you can’t connect LibreOffice Writer to OneDrive? I keep getting the message “The specified device is invalid”.

I’m running Windows 10 1803, and the version of Office I have is

Why do you want LibreOffice to manage access to OneDrive - Naturally this is a task for the operating system

Well firstly, that’s more a question that should’ve been asked by the developers and answered before it was implemented as a feature in the program. It exists as a feature, so why doesn’t it work?

Secondly, I want it because I want documents to auto-save as I am writing them. The operating system can’t do that.

Me too. Not working. And Google Drive asked for a 6 digit PIN that I don’t receive.
So no distant drive on Libre Office…

Sorry, but how does this answer the question? This needs to be a comment.

Am having the exact same issues as above. I have tried the other option which is the next item in the dropdown menu namely “one drive”. It then gives a browser address which I pasted in my browser, the first time there it asked me to login again to my google account which I did and then said: libreoffice wishes to access your google account [promissing!] then you are supposed to paste the code in the address bar into the libreoffice dialog window. But sadly a bust as with the six number verification didn’t work “The specified device is invalid”.
It was super easy in the past to work on google docs with Libreoffice saving all changes in the cloud now seems only way is to use google docs.