Online translation

Dear sirs,
Could you please tell me if it is possible to use any online translator for LO 4.0?
Thank you in advance!
Best regards,

Hi @Andre1, Are you seeking automatic translation of a document’s contents, or something else?

Yes, I tell about something like the online translation in MSO…
Thank you for the links!
But, Table-translation looks very strange…
As for the OOTranslator as I know it doesn’t work now…

Is it possible to add online translation to the future version LO like they did it in MSO 10 years ago?

Hi @Andre1 – Please feel free to file an enhancement bug to suggest that we add online translation to a future version of LO. I’m not sure which service we would use for the translation engine (Maybe Google Translate would give us permission?)

I tried to use Bugzilla to ask my question, but I couldn’t do it, because I only got the message: It looks like you didn’t come from the right page (you have no valid token for the … Sorry!

I tried to use Bugzilla to ask my question, but I only got the message:

Hi @Andre1, We’re having some problems with the Bug Submission Assistant. Please file a bug report directly with Bugzilla


Hi Qubit,Yes, I did it! Thanks!

BTW Table-translation isn’t a translator… It’s only table where you can add your translation…

A couple of extensions:

Bug is filed as fdo#60631 - Online translation - UNCONFIRMED