Open a database

I have just downloaded the libre Office package, but I can’t open databases from Microsoft. Any idea about how to solve this problem? I have tried to download a base separately, but it doesn’t seem to work. Thank in advance.

Are you referring to MS Access data bases or what? Also please provide what version of Access your database is in, and what platform (os, and version, and any database servers, …),
you are using. Also please update the title of your question, to make it more specific. In other words there are different solutions depending on what platform and versions you are using.

I assume that you are trying to open a MS Access database. Base cannot open such a database. You can create a Base database that can link to the Tables in a MS Access database but that is all. You cannot see the Forms etc.

OK. This means I cant open any of the bases I have Kept for ten years. Thank you for your answer anyway.

You can get free from MS the Access Runtime. This allows you to use MS Access databases but not make any design changes. In effect it is Access without the design parts removed.

@peterwt: you just said it can’t be used to edit, but then you say it can be.

The MS Runtime allows you to use an Access database but not change the design of Forms etc. You can use any existing Forms, Reports, etc but not modify them or create new ones.