Open a Libre Office calculation file is very slow

Hi, i have a Dell Latitude E7470 Intel(R) Core™ i7-6600U CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.80 GHz 8 GB using Win10. I have no problems.

I use LibreOffice calc 7.4 last version 27.10.2022

The loading of the calculation *.ods needs about 70 seconds or more and i not understand, why this is sooooo long.

Who can tell me how i can make it faster …

Please upload your ODF type sample file here, or (at least) give us some details about your calculation formulas.

Is it an iterative calculation??

Any calculation? Even new/empy sheets?
Or one special file?
There is usually a progress indicator at the bottom of the sheet. What does it tell? Or is the window not opening?

tdf#42673 ⁠

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@zizi64 Please upload your ODF type sample file here

Dividenden3.ods (46.6 KB)

i hope you can read it.

when i download the file Dividenden3.ods from here it opens in less then one second.

very strange

Same at me with LO 6.1.6 x64 on Win10 x64…

… and when i download from my Laptop - same problem - takes more 70 seconds … a long waiting time …

Do you “download it” onto an another PC from the laptop with a lan connection???
Maybe your lan/wifi connection is slow…

A quick skim through of the bug report linked by Mike Kaganski proposes a few things that could help:

  1. Make sure you have the original Epson driver installed for your Epson XP-342 343 345 Series Printer; not the Windows one but the one from Epson. This might or might not make a difference, some claimed installing the original driver solved the issue for them
  2. Set the default printer to a virtual printer such as Microsoft PDF, Microsoft Print to XPS, or other local pdf printer. This is a bit of a pain because you need to set the printer each time you want to actually print but it is a workaround.
  3. check through the other workarounds in comment 62, bug report 42673

I haven’t encountered this problem myself. My computers and printers connect by WiFi, maybe that helps.

we have 3 different Laptops.

The file has on every Laptop the same problem, it takes about 70 seconds to open the file. Very bad.

As i am german , perhaps in german language:
wenn ich die Datei vom Laptop laden will, braucht das mindestens 70 Sekunden.

Es ist total egal von welchem Laptop, der Fehler ist immer der gleiche. Lange Ladezeit.

Der Druck der Datei ist weniger ein Problem, ich will die Datei erst mal laden und bearbeiten.

Nothing to tell without investigating the file to see what it actually contains. Best upload it attaching it to the original question, after having redacted personal information.

i updoad the file already. Dividenden3.ods . @Zizi64

When i open the file from here, it is fast. When i open the file on my Laptops ( i have 3 ) it is VERY slow.

Then - the file on this forum and the file on your laptops

  • have not same size,
  • have not same contents,
  • have not same rights (or its directory has not same rights): check it in your antivirus/security software

Try to rename the file what you have downloaded from here, and move it into the directory where the original one is located. And then try to open the older and the newer file.

The hint by @EarnestAl actually is on opening the file, not on printing. Used printer/settings can be saved in a file (quite useful, if you have more than one printer for special purposes). Sometimes a delay arises, as this named printer is contacted to get its settings. If this printer is switched off/not available LibreOffice waits until a timeout is reached before proceeding. Therefor the suggestion to set something “always available” like a pdf-“printer” as default.

Dividenden3.ods (47.1 KB)

this is the file. When i load the file from 3 different Laptops it is very slow.

Print the file is no problem.

I use AVIRA free security, no virus found

yes, i lownloaded the file. Then rename. Now it takes about 70 seconds to load the file.

This is your file except I have printed to “Microsoft Print to PDF” then saved the file so it will no longer try to access your Epson printer on opening but instead it will access your virtual printer to get its settings. See settings.xml inside the file

Save the file in the same place as the original and then try opening. My guess it will open quickly.
Dividenden3Printed.ods (47.7 KB)

You could do something similar by just changing the printer in File > Printer settings to a virtual printer and saving the file.