open document event in mac not working

I have a Base application running on Linux and Windows, but it fails on Mac OS X (10.12). This is my first experience of Mac OS X, so please excuse ignorance in that respect. The application requires a macro to run on start up (the ‘Document Open’ event), but LibreOffice freezes and will not quit without a hard reboot.

This also applies to DACM’s split database wizard which likewise runs a macro on startup. To demonstrate the problem, just try his wizard from In fact in my working application I have modified DACM’s startup to call my startup macro. But the application also fails if I convert to an embedded database.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a known bug?

Running LO 5.3.2 on Macbook Air with OS Sierra (10.12.4)

Any ideas? (But unfortunately I’ve returned the borrowed Mac)