Open document switching

The new unity desktop shows you a pretty picture of your open documents but if you have 5-6 open it’s hard to tell the difference. I feel like I’m playing a shell game. I don’t want to switch back to the old desktop because unity seems to be here to stay but I sure miss that toolbar at the bottom with the document title simply written in it so I knew which one I was selecting. Is there a simple way to select between open documents that I am overlooking?

are you referring to the window menu in office? click new window and it opens the same document. The list - some items on the list aren’t actually open. If you find one that is open it comes off the list and may come up but then it’s off the list and I’m back to the unity window again. I guess I should really be addressing this in a Linux forum because I feel it is something I need on the desktop but I wanted to see if I was overlooking some toolbar option or something

Have you looked into Window menu?

You can use the Alt+` keyboard.