Open files in "read mode" as default

In our company, we often use the same file to work on from network shares.
But more often than not I only want to read the Document, not to edit!
When I open a File, it is opened in “edit mode” and will be locked for others until I disable the “Edit File” button Edit File Button.

If I want to edit and it is locked, I have to call my colleague to disable editing, as he most likely only wanted to read what i wrote before, and forgot to disable “edit mode”.

This is annoying.

Is there an option i missed, to open a document in “read mode” as default?

I could open the File with “-view” parameter, but then it is write protected, the “edit file button” is grey and I am not allowed to save the File anymore.

If there is no such option, this is a Feature Request.

What I want:

  • option to open documents in “read mode” as default
  • after opening, I can click “Edit File” button to edit and save the file if I want to
  • don’t show “File is locked by …” dialog on startup, if it is opened in read mode (it will be shown when i enter edit mode anyway)

As Bonus I would like this behaviour on Network shares only, local files may be edited directly. But this is really optional.

This would make my workflow (and probably the workflow of many other users that work in a team) much more comfortable.
Also it would protect from accidental edits and overwrites, as I must confirm, that I really want to edit.

Thank you for your answers,

Felix Schmidt

You need some kind of collaboration. I don’t need this collaboration, so the only think I can come up is searching the web with search string:
LibreOffice collaboration

Found this:

Hi L-User,
Thank you.

I’m very contented with the collaboration features of LO.
The “edit mode” works as expectet in principle.
The only thing which bugs me, is that LO always assumes that I wan’t to edit a file when I just open it.
And therefore blocks all other users.

But in 90% of all cases I only want to read the document.

I think this will not be a great deal for the developers, as the “edit” and “read” mode exists in principle.
It’s just a matter of default-behaviour.

Did you read those articles?

It is not only about read and write. It is also about solving conflicts when write option is used. What happens if both users edit the same data = conflict and this conflict must be used. In Calc: Tools | Share document.

Developers don’t read this forum, so feature requests should be send to bug tracker: and mark bug as “enhancement”.

The first part – “Developers don’t read this forum” – isn’t true, e.g.: