Open .odg attachment from Word/PowerPoint

I’m experimenting on using LibreDraw as drawing tool and save the share source files in MS Office, e.g. Word/PowerPoint, and share with other people. The approach I take is to insert .odg as attachment in Word/PowerPoint, then I see a .odg icon shows up, but when I double-click the icon, nothing happens, unlike if I insert Word as attachment in PowerPoint and launch it by double-click

Does anyone knows a solution of this situation? Since the source file is saved, is there way to extract it out? Or is there a better way to do this?

Many thanks.

  1. Save your .odg file in Draw
  2. Open Writer for Word doc or Impress for PowerPoint doc
  3. Go to Insert → Object → OLE Object, select “Create from file”
  4. Click on “Search” Find your .odg file from 1.
  5. Open it
  6. Save as “doc”, “docx”, “ppt”, or “pptx”

You mean save the Impress file as PPTX once you’ve inserted the Draw file? I’ve done that, closed the file and opened it and the embedded Draw file has gone. If I open the file in PowerPoint Online it’s also not there :frowning: