Open Office doc migration - blank hyperlinks, page boarders, headers

Hi all I moved from Open Offcie to Libre slo all my previous work is from Open Office.

I am strugling with a few things and can’t find the answers. I have looked.

  • Hyperlinked text is showing up as blank (see image)
  • There are no visible page boarders. I have looked but only m,anaged to find partial ones
  • Headers & footers seem to be hidden by default

Any help woud be greatly appreicated!

Hyperlinks are character-styled Internet Link (and Visited Internet Link). You should check configuration of these character styles to see if font colour has been set to white or transparency to 100%.

Page borders are configured in page styles. Check your various page styles.

Formatting is predictable when no direct formatting is present in your document. This depends on your skills, knowledge of ODF principles (the are in principle the same in OpenOffice and LibreOffice but the latter one has better maintenance) and previous routine(s). Please attach a 1- or 2-page sample file so that I can have a look.

When converting a document, tak advantage of feed-back features by enabling in View menu: Formatting Marks, Text Boundaries, Table Boundaries, Images & Charts, Show Whitespace, Field Shadings. You can leave them always enabled because they provide very valuable information and visual clues never print.

I would consider any change of formatting/content as a bug, when ODF is concerned. Please file a bug report, and attach a document that changes the appearance.