Open Recent documents, default, full width?

For many years, LO Writer would open Recent documents, full width, available for actual use.

Recent versions of LO, however, open a File\Recent documents object in a small floating window, which is of little use to me.

Is there some option to restore this to LO’s ancestral behavior?

Windows behaviour is managed by the operating system. I frequently open two documents side-by-side so documents open that way for me now.

In Windows, open a recent document, maximise it (drag window by the header up to top so cursor touches top), open another and maximise that. Close all other instances of LO. Close the 2 maximised documents. Open Writer, open a recent document and it should open maximised as should the second. Cheers, Al

Earnest AI, thanks for your reply. I’m very familiar with Windows: used it since Win 1.0, now Win 8.1.

My situation: I have an LO Writer doc open and I want to open another from the Files\Recent documents menu, with my current document maximized.

Selecting a Recent documents item with another doc open max - since upgrading to the v6.x series - returns Files\Recent documents selection as about floating ~4x5" window, upper left region, over my current doc.

Prior to v6.x, that same procedure would open the Files\Recent documents selection to the same maximized position, but no longer. Not a new feature I’m in favor of :wink:

Windows window manager has a new program, your Libreoffice. You have to teach Windows how to display your LO windows. Libreoffice doesn’t manage it’s own windows.

If you do what I suggested then Windows window manager will remember the positions

Earnest AI, Thanks for the clue.

My older Recent documents have “learned” how I like them, after I have opened them and clicked them the way I want them.