Open RTF file in LibreOffice shows up in wingdings font

Hi guys,
I open an RTF file saved from MS word, all fonts there use Verdana.

When i open it in LibreOffice portable version 4.0.4, all text shows as symbols and the font used is wingdings.

If i select all text and change the font back to verdana or arial text appears correclty.

I have similar problem with docx file, using Arial font with hebrew text, when opened in LibreOffice it all shows up wrong and messed up with different font selected (not windings this time). Once i select Arial - it appears normal.

Does anyone have any idea why this may be happening?

I open the RTF documents in wordpad and it shows up correctly with the correct font.

More findings on the docx: it appears that in the docx, the font used is “majorBidi” or “minorBidi”, which means - go to settings, use the major or minor font table to select the font to use. when this is the case - it LibreOffice doesnt use the correct font. but if the font name is set, like “Ariel”, it uses the correct font.

Seems like the issue is when working with a theme file that defines major / minor fonts.

I didn’t see an open bug on it, can anyone corroborate this? Thanks!

Found a bug on that same problem:

I hope this gets some attention…

Hi @Shai,

Looks like there’s some discussion on that bug report, and it’s marked as high, so I’m hopeful that you’ll see some traction on this issue soon!