"Open" shows all types of documents, not application-relevant ones

Clicking on “open” / “open recent” on any given libreoffice programs shows all kinds of recent documents, making it rather impractical (particularly “open recent”) It would be far more useful to have impress only show recent presentations for example, or calc to show only spreadsheets and so on. Right now, the “Open” functions in libreoffice are not at all useful.

Is there a way to change this default, so that when I click on open I see only file types associated with the specific libreoffice application I am using, or at least only ones associated by default with it? I realize that libreoffice is far more flexible when it comes to file extensions, but this has the side effect of cluttering the open/open recent dialogues and options.

You can click Help | Send Feedback and submit this as a possible new feature. (I for one agree with you that this would make sense.)

What system are you using if you are unable to choose the filetype you want, as it appears we already have this feature with Linux-Mint and Windows?

And a screenshot would be great, as I think this ain’t a problem with LO.

On my Linux-Mint system, when I choose OPEN in LibreOffice, I have the option on the bottom of the screen to choose the filetype I wish to view. The default is ALL FILES. I can choose which type of file to select, either type, such as SPREADSHEET, or with a particular filetype such as ODF DOCUMENT or MICROSOFT WORD 97-2003. I am not certain whether this is operating system dependant, but it would appear to meet your requirement… Peter

That’s always been the case on Window$ systems (only tried >=XP with LO) with LO in my tests.

When I click “open” in Calc I want the default file types to be “spreadsheets”. How do I make this happen?