open windows cannot share not registered on dock in ubuntu 18.04

When I open a LibreOffice application - (Calc or Writer or Impress) either from the dock or from Nautilus, the ubuntu dock does not put an orange dot next to the icon. For instance if I open Calc, the Calc icon in the Ubuntu Dock does not have an orange dot indicating that a spreadsheet is open. I can switch to the LO application using alt-tab. The problem is that I cannot share the window for video calls. It doesn’t appear in the window list. I have reinstalled LibreOffice but still not working. All other applications (Firefox, Thunderbird, Emacs) are correctly showing orange dots in the Ubuntu Dock. Maybe there is something about LO that seems like it isn’t registering properly with the gnome desktop?

We use Avaya cloud for video calls. others see a blank screen if I try to share the desktop, which is why alt-tab to bring the LO window to the foreground doesn’t work, and why I’ve been relying on sharing a particular window, like a Calc window.

This seems related to older questions where libreoffice would not appear on the launcher.

As a workaround, I used Alt-F2 to open LibreOffice. This I can set as a Favorite to the Dock. As I open LO windows, the number of orange dots next to LO in the launcher increase. Further, by right-clicking on the LibreOffice icon (blank white icon) in the Dock there is a submenu with the various components (Calc, Draw, Writer, etc)

While this gets the orange dots back in a way, I am still unable to share the opened LO window in a video call. It doesn’t appear in the window list for Avaya Cloud Office.