Opened a publisher file but text missing out of some of the boxes

ive only just downloaded this and i have opened up a file from publisher but for some reason not all the text has come up, all the images have and some of the text, but some of the text boxes are empty, when I click on them the blue outline sort of flashes but are empty. is there a way to recover the text that was in them.

the reason i downloaded this software is because publisher will not open it anymore, and my university IT support and Microsoft cant seem to recover it. but still confusing why is only part of the text
Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online. that’s a link to the file I’m trying to open

You tagged writer but the file opened in fact in Draw. EPub is a format similar to PDF. It describes graphical pages and all text continuity is lost. However this doesn’t explain why text has disappeared. Can you provide the link to the original document so that we can have a look at it?

Please provide additional information by editing your question (don’t use a comment so that everything is grouped at a single location): OS name, LO version.

I suppose it’s MS Publisher file, not ePub. But this doesn’t change much :slight_smile:

ive edited the question with the link included. thank you for helping

Since it is an MS Publisher file, LO is probably not the adequate application to access it. You should try with a DTP (desktop publishing) application like Scribus.

PS: since the file is 666MB (really huge), I won’t even try to open it.

The file you provided has a completely different content; its page 4 has this:

So it’s unclear where to look for missing data.

My version of MS Publisher (for Microsoft 365 MSO v2212) also complains about problems, and is unable to open the file.

I have had other cases of Publisher not being compatible with Publisher, so not really surprised.