Opening a document doesn't put it into the foreground

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When I open a document, often times the attention of Windows, noted by the cursor, is not immediately set to the document as the foreground. The cursor may be showing at the beginning of the document as if it’s ready to go, but it’s not active in the document. Typing and doing key combinations such as Ctrl+F do not work. It seems the attention of Windows is still in the backgroun…the Desktop, perhaps or somewhere else. I have to click, therefore, somewhere in the document to get the document into the foreground.

Is there a way to fix this?

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Is the LibreOfiice program frame not coming to the forground? Or is it coming forward and the edit cursor is not positioned into the document?

Which build of LibreOffice are you on? Use the Help → About LibreOffice menu and copy the build details.

There are two open issues tdf#48300 (fixed at 5.2) and tdf#75471, which is the most prevelent.

But also have a more subtle issue with focus onto a new document canvas occurring as noted in tdf#100626

Figure out which is your situation, let us know which, and check on it from time-to-time.


LibreOffice Version: Build ID: 644e4637d1d8544fd9f56425bd6cec110e49301b.

I open a doc, the keyboard works fine. I open a second doc (the first still being opened), the cursor blinks but keyboard action doesn’t work–pressing Tab shows the cursor moving across items on the Taskbar. I have to click inside the doc to activate keyboard action within it.

As to which of the three scenarios you’ve given, I don’t know if my situation fits into any of them.