Opening a new text document

When I open a new text document, the document openings in a tiny screen, about 1 inch by 1.5 inch. How do i change
this to allow a normal screen size view to work on. I’ve looked everywhere, but the right spot and I dont seem to be able to find the answer to this question. Thanks for your help with this.

Libre Version (64)

I am running Windows 10.

I attempted to send a screen shot of my main page, but for some reason it won’t let me.

Thanks for reading.

Hello @Cruisin, Can you share your LibreOffice version and operating system? To do that, choose menu Help - About LibreOffice and copy from there, press edit below your question and paste.

For Window 7, see related question (/question/244424/).

Maybe you can edit the title, and change it for something like: Writer opens in a tiny window.