Opening document properties hangs whole system


After upgrading LO from 5.3.4 to 5.4.0 on my Arch Linux box, I am unable to open the document properties of my Writer document.

It is quite a large document with many custom document properties, but in 5.3.4 it worked fine (although it was quite slow). In version 5.4.0 opening the document properties causes my whole system to become unresponsive.

Can anyone help me, or tell me where to go to get this resolved?

Thanks in advance!

I am having a similar problem on LibreOffice 40m0(Build:1) on Ubuntu.

I have only about a dozen custom document properties.

When I open the File >> Properties >> Custom Properties, if I start to edit or add fields, the UI slows to a crawl, and I can see through top that soffice.bin is consuming 100% cpu. Earlier it would sometimes briefly unfreeze after a time. But now LibreOffice just seems to eventually crash. I can reopen the document without issue, and can even reopen the Custom Properties dialog and hit the buttons. It seems to just be when I’m typing / adding properties.

@Bolderbast: were you ever able to resolve this problem on your end?

I found it was resolved in LibreOffice 6. Looks as if Document Properties editting has had a major overhaul in that version.

Even typing in the document properties values is now snappy. Just applying them takes some time, but that’s acceptable.