Opening documents presented in box saying, do I want to restore or delete

Hi good friends, I am writing historic novel, and transfered my work from MS Word to Libre, It has taken a while to get in to it, but really appreciate Libre Office for my needs. One probelm worries me, when I open the novel I am presented with a panel which asks me to I want to restore. Why does this happen? it looks like my document is in jeopardy of being lost. I do not wish to return to Word, please advise. Also, please advise, Am I asking too much of Libre? (By the way, I did make a contribution)

It might be a problem of LibreOffice not closing correctly, for example, if Windows is shut down and LibreOffice is still open, then it will crash and ask to recover next time it is opened.

It might be an issue of a corrupted profile, see First steps to take before submitting a bug - The Document Foundation Wiki and link within

I will look at your suggestions, thank you. It appears we need more Computer knowledge than I have. I have to say it would have been ideal if I had have been warned that it is required to have this level of knowledge. I have spent hundreds of hours on my books and as you can understand I am very concerned that they are vulnerable to being lost or damaged.
Paul Bryan

That goes for all data on a computer. It might be drive failure, overwriting files, accidental deletion, etc. You might care to look at this page, Preventing data disaster - The Document Foundation Wiki

please give more context in order to get meaningful help :

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