Opening .docx

I can open and save .docx files in Libre easily. However any .docx edited and saved in Writer becomes unusable in MS Word.image description

Should I save the file as .doc, there’s no problem. It only appears to affect .docx. A problem when the client share files across a mix of office suites: OpenOffice; LibreOffice and MS Office 365.


There is an open document ISO standard and LibreOffice and OpenOffice have that as their default file formats. MS Word claims compatibility with the standard so theoretically, sharing as .odt should be great for everyone. Practically, Word does not yet meet the standard.

The solution then is for everybody who is collaborating on a document is to use the same software and same version. If that means using Microsoft Office then you must, but you should also allow for the cost having to buy/lease it in your charges for your work.

any .docx edited and saved in Writer becomes unusable in MS Word

This would be a blocker bug. It is obviously not a universal problem, since many users edit DOCX files in LibreOffice, and they don’t get unusable with the error you show.

So the questions are:

  • Which version of LibreOffice you use?
  • Is the problem actually with any .docx file? Or only with some specific set of files?
  • If the problem appears with a recent enough LibreOffice version, can you create a reproducer file (using Word) before modifications in LibreOffice, test that if you save its copy in LibreOffice, the problem appears, and submit a bug report with the sample file?