Opening MacMail attachment freezes LibreOffice

Opening a LibreOffice document that is an attachment to and email, while LibreOffice is already open, tends to always freeze LibreOffice. This seemed to start occurring after an update to LibreOffice about September, 2022. (upgrading to LibreOffice version 7.4.1 MacOS)

LibreOffice needs to be “Force Quit”, and restarted. It always seems to recover any files that were open at the time of the crash.

Email attachments (on MacOS) are alway opened as “Read-Only”, and LibreOffice provides a button to “Edit Document”, and any changes cannot be saved to the MacMail Attachments folder, but needs to be “Saved As…”. I’ve upgraded to version and the problem persists.

Always download the attachment onto a local drive before you open it to view or to edit. Open the downloaded copy of the file from the local drive.

That happens on every operating system: to protect the original copy of the document (against the accidental re-saving and data losing).

I don’t know about MacOS nor the MacMail agent, but isn’t that what always happens in the background if one opens a mail attachment? At least opening a mail attachment that way with a running LO instance works fine here (Linux).

Have you checked in Bugzilla: