Opening PDF causes libre office to freeze

I am trying to open a PDF of size 1.5 MB. I only need basic image editing functionality to edit this pdf (white out, insert text box, etc). Whenever I open this file, Libre Office freezes. I have tried allocating more memory in the options menu. Please offer a solution.

@hcworkwork123, humm, I edited a pdf yesterday w/ draw in LO on Linux. What version of LO and OS are you working with? Also how much memory are you allocating?

Also is it just this specific pdf? Try a few different pdf files.

I’ve been trying to open .pdfs with LO Version: running under Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia. I’ve tried several times and lots of different .pdfs and it always crashes with “Due to an unexpected error Libreoffice crashed …”.

Can native LO edit PDF files?? AOO Draw needs an add-on which provides only very limited capability.

Yes, it can.

Why was a question posted as an answer to another hardly related question ? Yes, LO can open and edit PDF, and also save (or rather, export), but the support both ways is very bad, and attitude (for lack of better wording) is all against it.