Opening windows on wrong virtual desktop on rhel7 KDE

Im running rhel7 with KDE desktop and using virtual desktops. I have several for different projects on different virtual desktops.
I’m having an issue with LibreOffice 7.5.03 NOT opening windows on the current virtual desktop.
It only opens on the current desktop if I have no other office docs open.
If I have already opened a office document on another virtual desktop it opens it on that other virtual desktop.
This makes if very difficult to find office docs because they don’t open where I expect them to open.
Is there a way to fix this, so it always opens on the current unix virtual desktop?

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And can you move the opened document to another desktop, so that other open documents stay on the previous one? Asking because I’m not familiar with KDE vdesktops, but pretty much suspect that it could turn out impossible.

yes, that is what I"m doing now, or if I have a lot of files, Im just reverting back to using excel with samba. I open a lot of xlsx files and its really a pain to go through this step on every file I open. Many times if I have many csv files open, its difficult to find the correct file to move. No other tool that I have behaves like this.

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If it’s possible, then you can file an enhancement request (or a bug, as you prefer).

Possibly because other tools run separate processes, unlike LibreOffice, which opens all documents in one process. My fear was that it could be impossible to show different windows belonging to a single process in different vdesktops - hence I asked. The enhancement should make the DE integration (kfN VCL plugin of LibreOffice) aware of current vdesktop, and use it to open new component windows.

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For instance Firefox is able to open a new window on current virtual Desktop after being invoked from the command line interface, although also spawning a single process.

NB : I’m experiencing the same problem as OP. It happens with every desktop interfaces I’ve used so far (gnome 2, mate, cinnamon, LXDE, KDE), and when using a few tens of virtual desktop, it’s really time consuming to go screening each of them seeking for the freshly opened document).