Opentype options

Hi! I was wondering when OpenType options will be available on LibreOffice. Thanks!

You will want to watch the activity on Bug 31821 (which is actively being worked) and perhaps add your own testing results for the developers.

fdo#31821 now has status RESOLVED FIXED. Sounds like this feature is ready to use!

@qubit1 Will this feature be included in the next version 4.0.1 release?

@ROSt53 – I believe this change is in existing 4.0 builds:

Can you be more specific? What options? Is this a known limitation? Can you please link to the bug report or feature request in bugzilla (or some other site where this problem was previously explained)?

I can:

I mean the possibility of use typographic features on OpenType fonts, like ligatures, number spacing and formatting, and the activation of stylistic alternatives or contextual solutions. Is an option of Word 2010 and more specialistic software as Classical Text Editor.

You might also want to see and help out with bug 58941 - support optional smartfont features.