Option Button Help

i have multiple areas on two sheets that I use option buttons for and I’m learning that I can choose an option in both areas, however, when I goto another sheet then click back on the first it doesn’t save the second option? How do i separate groups of options so that libre remembers my choices?

I need every option the user selects to save… not clear out when they toggle between different sheets.


I simply fail to see what you tell. The Option button (per group) I chose is rememberd independent of whjat sheet I make active, and it also persists over a save/reload cycle.
You version, your OS, any specifics of you environment?

Sorry it was literally working on one PC (Windows 10) until I moved it to another Windows 10 PC and I began to have issues. There’s two sections with option boxes. When I click on an option box in the first, it should allow me to click on an option box in the second without removing that selection.

… however, when I goto another sheet then click back on the first it doesn’t save the second option?

I obviously didn’t understand this statement. I can’t reproduce the behaviour as I interpreted your words.

I don’t know a kind of objects named Section in Calc. Are you talking about different sheets?
Do you use the term just to name your mental concept of the functionality?
Are the buttons just placed in the ranges of different Group Box objects?

It may be that you expect groups of Option Button objects to be grouped autoamatically by the boxes in whose area they are displayed. If so, that’s an error. Option Buttons are grouped by their Group Name property independently of the position and of the visually related box. This holds if the name property is empty what is the default for newly created buttons.

Different sheets have different Forms objects, and their option buttons don’t interfere (different name spaces).

Section is a section of the document. So if you’re on sheet “1 | Start” and look under the title, “Development Need,” you will see that 7 option buttons exist. If you choose one of the option buttons, the next section: Action Plan changes the list utilizing vlookup and this section contains 6 option buttons. So you select from the first 1 of 7 options, then from the second part 1 of 6. In excel I don’t have an issue with grouping 7 option buttons to one name and 6 to another. Why is it that in Libre every time I change the group name is changes all of the buttons to that name?