Optional default password for a filename

It would be great to have a default password for a particular file that is edited frequently. If entering passwords at the end of editing and trying to maintain the same password I may slip up and mistype twice. It is also quite cumbersome to do this. Furthermore, a saving with the down-arrow saves the file in un-encrypted format. I may prefer this always to be in encrypted format. The file should stay encrypted, but overwritten at the final file closure. I see the need for a few option parameters to set this conveninetly for particular uses.
For this, imagine, for example, a reference file with a long password that contains all your other PASSWORDS. You will likely NOT change the password for this file frequently.
An attractive feature in this context may be to have the passowrd OPTIONALLY also on the calling line (as an option - I know you had at one point decided against it …).
Sending an optional signal to “somewhere” upon exiting an encrypted file would also be nice. For example, it could initiate an automatic backup of all earlier versions of encrypted files.
Best regards,
Wolfram Jarisch
P.S. I know suggestions are easy, the implementation is the hard part …

This sounds like a feature request and if that’s true, this place is not the right one to address. Please file an enhancement request here.