Ordinal superscripts for date field

How can I use the date fields format to produce the current date as “1st day of June in the year 2021” How can I get “1st” to superscript properly automatically?
LO Version:
Build ID: 1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.1

Thank you in advance!

Although the format string [NatNum12 D=ordinal-number]D" day of "MMMM" in the year "YYYY works, it doesn’t provide the superscript (and it can’t be done without a macro).

Thank you for responding. I’m currently using DD to get the day, MM and YYYY for month & year but as you say… it doesn’t provide the superscript… or even the actual characters like “st” or “rd”, etc.

The format string I provided gives the ordinal suffixes, written, as in modern writing guides, in line with the number. Additionally, there’s no way to format only part of a date field. It would be possible to provide what you want, if Unicode provided English suffixes or characters as separate codepoints, like it does for U+00AA ª FEMININE ORDINAL INDICATOR and U+00BA º MASCULINE ORDINAL INDICATOR, but it doesn’t.

OK, thank you. No superscript but at least I get the suffixes; so close enough for now I guess.

If you’re worried about the mixture digit + non-superscript ordinal suffix, why don’t you write the day number in full? The code for that is D=ordinal.

Nota: all these codes are listed in built-in help.