OS Monteray, Blank Printed Pages, Menu Bar Vanished / LO 7.3

I do not have access to the Monteray menu bar since installing LO 7.3. Print blank pages. Would downgrade to LO 7.2.5 be advisable ? I am a computer user, not a coder, so any plain English simple suggestion would be appreciated. I successfully copy my spreadsheet to TextEdit for printing (awkward).
Thanks !

Dear @Hrbrgr ,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Unfortunately, I have no access to my menu bar to be able to select the path you suggest ( LibreOffice > Preferences > LibreOffice > View … )

The dock does appear when the cursor is at screen bottom, but the menu bar does not appear when he cursor is at top of screen. Dock and Menu Bar preferences currently unavailable.

I downgraded to LO 7.2 and everything works perfectly !

Thank you for your patience. LO assistance is tops !

Rob Glass