osx version compatibility

I am currently using LibreOffice Version 6.3 with Mac OSX 10.15 ( aka Catalina ).
Can anyone confirm that this version of LO will be compatible with the recently released OSX 11.1 (aka Big Sur ) if I upgrade. Thanks

OSX 11.1 (aka Big Sur )

Big Sur is macOS 11.0 (current sub-release 11.0.1)


no - probably you won’t get that confirmation since almost all reports tell, that you need to install version 7.0.x, if you are running Big Sur. As far as I know, right now it is not fully understood, why version <7 does not run on Big Sur.

See also: LibreOffice Information: If you updated your mac to macOS Big Sur then you have problems with LibreOffice

(Some reports tell running on macOS 11.0)

Opaque, Thank You for the info / link - tho its not looking too good is it. I did note that someone claimed to be able to run LO V6.4 with Big Sur, notwithstanding the reported problem with Retina display ! What to do ? I’ll probably hold fire with upgrading for a while in the hope that later versions of Big Sur will be more compatible

I had LibreOffice running on BigSur. Now on LibreOffice, but for me the blurry font problem does not exist, so it is no hard decision for me. From my perspective: Don’t expect macOS / Apple / BigSur in later releases will change the way you can run LibreOffiice 6.3 or 6.4.

OK - I’ll go that way, especially if the Retina display problem is not a complication. Instinctively, I know you’re right about Apple so I won’t look to them for a solution. Thanks again for the advice

FYI doesn’t run on my Mac which is still on High Sierra. I have tried all suggestions received thus far – safe mode, quarantine. Full disk access has been granted. Still won’t launch. I fear LO will be losing a big portion of its Mac users. I know I’ve had to go back to MS.


I fear LO will be losing a big portion of its Mac users.

yep - it’s Apple’s greatest success story that all users of their products blame others for problems having wit apple’s products.

@opaque You’re totally right! I will rephrase my comment: I fear Apple will be losing me because of the increasingly airless ecosystem they are oppressing me with. Just spent some time looking at “Windows computers to replace iMac” :slight_smile: