OTF Dialogs (On-the-fly) - altering font, text size etc

I am trying to develop my macro writing skill (…I’m @ beginner stage) and would like to create OTF On the fly dialogs ie ones that DO NOT use the Dialog Editor.
Please look at my attached file.
My question is How do I alter the properties eg alter the font of the labels, or thesize of the labels, or the colour of the buttons etc.
(Yes I realise that is quite easy via the Dialog editor - but it should also be possible to do this using code.)
Some things I have found - eg the colour of the dialog background, the position on the screen …but others just seem to escape my discovery.
Thank you for your interestOTF_dialogs_query.ods


Properties can be changed through macros. The biggest problem is locating the source of this information. Could give you a long list but this is only going to overwhelm you.

Instead refer to this post → To learn LibreOffice Base are there introductions or tutorials?.

Yes it states Base but is appropriate here. The links are important. First look in the answer under “Independent Documentation”. There is a link to ‘Open Office Macros Explained’. In that pdf book, Section 18 deals with dialogs. That will get you started.

Second use an Introspection tool to be able to examine various properties, functions and more. You can find two under the section “Useful Extensions”.

Finally the are various other links throughout the answer which will eventually prove useful in locating information.

Thank you - that looks quite a daunting task - but I shall start with the Andrew Pitonyak PDF as that looks very comprehensive.