OTF font features (rand,calt,liga,dlig...) not working in v7.2.6.2 as in v6.4.3.2

After searching for open discussions about Opentype OTF font feature support I decided to create a new thread to get this solved.

In LibreOffice v6.4.3.2 it was possible to activate font features with:
or in some other LibreOffice v6 versions

In LibreOffice v7.2.6.2 it doesn’t seem to be able to activate the features the same way as in LibreOffice v6. What is the new way to get OTF fonts features activated? It does not work to select them in the check boxes, and rand feature (random versions of characters) is not even selectable.

Especially the randomized feature rand doesn’t seem to be supported any longer. What happened to it?

What is needed to get all OTF font features working in LibreOffice 7?

OpenType feature registry is:

Previous threads (closed):

As it depends so much on the font used, the actual OTF font that used to work the way you said but doesn’t now should be quoted, e.g. NimbusRomNo9L:aalt&liga&kern. (Incidentally, I don’t see any difference in this font with the features enabled but also ligatures are there regardless of whether they are enabled or not)

If I use another OTF font that I know uses discretionary characters, it works to change the appearance, Foglihten:calt&dlig&liga&onum. I can copy that string and paste it into another document Font Name box and the selected text will change to reflect the new characteristics.

Example font: Foglihten - http://www.glukfonts.pl
Cheers, Al

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In Writer 7.x, the font features are now enabled by pressing button Features in the Font tab of paragraph and character styles.

A sub-dialog pops up and you tick various check boxes. The dialog shows only the options configured in the font. Consequently the risk of errors is reduced.