Outline Formatting

Hello, I just updated to LibreOffice v. I was hoping for improvements in the behavior of outline formatting. The issue I continue to have is that formatting text with a defined style should carry through to the next paragraph after pressing Return.

For example: A style heading in 13-point Liberation Serif with number formatting of 1.1 should continue with the same formatting and indenting upon pressing Return. What I continue to see is that after the 1.1 entry, pressing Return does not continue the numbering or the formatting. Instead, I get no numbering, no indenting, and a different font size.

When I reformat the text to have the consistent font size, and manually apply the 1.2 numbering, the numbering font size is larger than the 1.1 numbering. One small workaround I have found is to backspace to the end of the paragraph above, then press Return again. This usually will properly apply the expected formatting.

In other words, I believe the outline numbering in LibreOffice v. is not behaving as it should. I would like to know if this is just the way it is and if I need to accept this, or is this a genuine bug in the App? The forum articles I have researched indicate that LibreOffice has a history of outline formatting issues.

It seems to me that LibreOffice requires a lot of extra work to format and maintain formatting. I believe that I should not have to do the same work twice in the course of producing a document.

Thank you for any feedback.