Outline Number in 4.2

Outline number in 4.2 is just complete chaos. This is what it looks like in mine:

Any ideas how to fix this?

That is only the preview. The outline itself shows only the item of the current level and not the complete items.

“Not a bug.” You just need to know what you’re looking at (and it does look confusing). This is what is looks like on my system (Ubuntu 13.10; LibO

The first four rows in each box are the first four levels of the outline. The last line in each box is the full set of symbols for that outline system.

Notice how the tool-tip information in the screen-capture matches the sequence in the last line of that box.

I take it these can be modified in the Format > Styles > List styles dialog. (Confirmation?) I don’t find the LibO outlining the most intuitive of things to work with, but not impossible.

um, just tried to modify that using Format > Styles > List styles dialog
and what to do next ? i have no idea