Outline Numbering Restarts - how to correct

I have a document with Outline Numbered Headings - but after two headings 1 (numbered 1 & 2) and a Heading 2 numbered 2.1, the next Heading 2 is numbered 1.1 (rather than 2.2 as expected), i.e the numbering has been reset, but for no apparent resson - right click & then “restart numbering” has no effect.

How can I correct this? (and why does it occur?)

Paragraph styles have the option to restart Line numbering. Verify if it is the case.

image description

But my problem is about level/section numbers, so wondering what line numbers have to do with it…

Looking at Format > Paragraph for each paragraph, under both Numbering and Line Numbering, the ‘Restart at this Paragraph’ box was not ticked. So, as I said, no apparent reason…

But, having done a save, close LO, shutdown last night, on restarting this morning, no numbers shown, going to Tools > Outline Numbering Levels 1 - 4 were set to Paragraph Style (none) - changing Levels 1 & to Heading 1 & 2, numbering apperared - correctly. Any ideas?

jeremygharrison, my mistake, I think could be easy for someone find the issue if you attach or share a file sample.

Had the same as Jeremy. Nothing worked, but restarting Office made this problem vanish.