Outline numbering with ordinals


In some luso-brazilian legal texts, we often list the clauses in a contract with ordinal numbered lists: For example

First clause: (bla bla bla)
Second clause (bla bla bla)
Third clause...

Tenth clause....

Is there a trick to create an outline with ordinal numbering list?

Thank’s to @karolus (in another thread) I think of another solution. Use special features of Fonts Linux Libertine G and Linux Biolinum G.

You can create a character style using Linux Libertine G:name=2 and use it in the numbering style.

Note: it’s dependant from the language of the texte but Portuguese seems to be supported.

Hi - Delete is (usually) faster than typing. You could create an “empty” list (only ordinal) and store it in Auto-text (Menu Edit> AutoText) so as to recall and remove only the “too many” entries.

Merci. Works on inserting the list. However while composing a (legal) text you often insert clauses before the end of the text and thus there is need to renumber the clauses. Not forgetting that you may need to cross-reference clauses as well. Did I missed your point?

you did not missed my point… I thought only of insertion :frowning: