Outline Numbering with Paragraph and List style

I have spent a lot of time to understand Outline numbering in Writer styles. This is what I have done.



I created one List Style named “myOutline”
For Level 1-3 I have set up Outlined numbering as follows

Level 1 → I.

Level 2 → A.

Level 3 → i.



I created nine Paragraph styles “Heading 1-9”
Where StyleOutline&Numbering > Outline is set up as follows

Heading 1 → Level 1

Heading 2 → Level 2

Heading 9 → Level 9

And for all “Heading 1-9” I have set up Numbering style “myOutline”



Heading 1 in my document assign Level 1 correctly but Heading 2 assign also Level 1 and numbering continuing with Heading 1. See this.

I. Heading 1

II. Heading 1

III. Heading 1

IV. Heading 2 // Expecting A. Heading 2

Do you have any explanation of this behavior or do you have any solution how to setup Outline numbering via Styles. Note that “Tools > Outline numbering … “ works fine. But why not solution with Styles?

Thanks a lot.

I am not qualified to be telling anyone how to use this program but I did spend a lot of time trying to make outline lists styles.

Below is the link to my question on this subject. If you get there check out the second answer I made to my own question where I talked about making outline list styles.

I have written a few answers on this site about ordered lists and headings and how outline numbering relates to each. In short, for headings use the Tools > Outline Numbering facility, rather than list style (which as the name suggests are designed for use in lists).