Override menu shortcuts

By default Alt + h will bring up the help menu, and alt + i the insert menu. I’m trying to imitate vim-like navigation by setting shortcuts for alt + h = navigate left, alt + j = navigate down etc. This is not possible though, since alt + h will still open up the help menu.

Is it somehow possible to override the menu shortcuts with customized ones? If possible, I’d gladly disable the menu shortcuts altogether :slight_smile:

I’m running LibreOffice, now primarily Writer, on Ubuntu 14.04.

You can change all shortcuts to the functions you want.

Tools >Customize > Keyboard
On the top right corner you can even choose if this is for a special application or for LibO in general.

Thanks for the suggestion but it’s not correct though. Menu shortcuts still have higher priority. After a little more research it seems that this is handled by Unity/GTK, so the answer may be to disable gtk mnemonics at a higher level outside LO.

I found out that this problem is probably outside of the scope of LibreOffice, and so I tried to disable the global context shortcuts in Ubuntu, but without luck.

The solution for me was to use xbindkeys to remap the alt + [hjkl] keys to translate to the arrow keys instead. A cool side effect is that I can use that combo in any program, without having to set software specific shortcuts.